We can help you teach what matters.

Our professional development team will come to your site to provide hands on guidance and training in how to make your curriculum matter. We bring a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences to your school through our on-site training for teachers, school districts, and home school associations who want an interactive approach for preparing to teach the material.

Philosophy and Approach

We believe that all material that we teach our students should have direct application to real life, and that all classes should be integrated. Our professional development courses are custom written and tailored to your site’s needs and can include the following elements:
When students earn ‘money’ to buy their grades, they apply real life lessons. If they stay out of debt, they pass. Curriculum That Matters lessons aren’t based on vague educational standards. Lessons focus on how to apply learning in the real world.

Topics Include:

  • Selling Grades. Using money to enhance learning and improve classroom management.
  • Making it Real. Writing lessons and curriculum that show real world application.
  • Life Skills Everyday. Teaching the skills and knowledge you need in life; in a classroom.
  • What is a Standard? Finding the core standards in all of your classes.
  • Vertical & Horizontal Integration. Unique approaches to improve scores in the school.


Revolutionize the way you teach.

Seth Hunter, founder of Curriculum That Matters, is available to speak to schools and school district staff meetings, home school associations, and parent association meetings. He talks with educators and parents about the philosophy and success that comes from teaching students real-world applications.

Topics include:

  • How math works in the real world
  • Things students can learn in school, but usually don’t
  • What students learn when they buy a grade
  • Yes, you will use this information after high school
  • Custom topics based on school or association request.

Teaching What Matters

Curriculum Training

Buying grades is a concept that is foreign to typical high school curriculum. Schools, school districts, and home school associations that teach Curriculum That Matters find it helpful to train teachers in advance.

  • We will coach staff and teachers on our philosophy
  • Set up online courses with teachers
  • Introduce all sections of the curriculum
  • Discuss teaching strategies and successes
  • Training is customized to the product and the audience

Software Training

Our software is designed with the teacher in mind. There’s nothing to install; the software is Web-based and works with nearly all Web-enabled devices including tablets, notebooks, or phones.

  • Modifying the syllabus to work with a paycheck
  • Setting up teachers classes and courses
  • Generate paychecks, bills, and keep track of the money
  • Modifying basic settings for specific course objectives
  • Software training is for teachers, and isn’t necessary for students

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Curriculum That Matters