The Courts


This full color student activity workbook provides guided note taking, practice, and assignments as part of the online course.

You will need to have access to the online course when you are using this workbook. The course can be purchased separately.

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At some point in your life you will likely need to go to court. It may be for a ticket or crime that you have committed, or perhaps you are being summoned to participate on a Jury. Any of these experiences can cause some fear and consternation. This course is designed to help you understand a little more about what goes on in a court, the crimes you can be charged with, and how to properly present yourself.

Students will:

  1. Learn about tickets.
  2. Understand different classifications of crimes.
  3. How to behave if they are stopped by a police officer.
  4. Know what it means to be sued and how to sue.
  5. Be able to select an appropriate attorney.
  6. Design a proper outfit to wear to court.
  7. Know their civic responsibilities as a member of the jury.

Materials Used:

  • Student access to internet
  • Workbook- Life Skills: The Courts
  • Computer and Projector for Videos

This lesson is designed to take 5 days, but it can be lengthened or shortened according to the specific needs of your class.


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