This full color student activity workbook provides guided note taking, practice, and assignments as part of the online course.

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Owning a pet can be very enjoyable and watching cute videos online could make us want a pet even more. But owning a pet is a large responsibility and a lot of planning needs to take place before you buy one. This lesson will help you know about owning pets.

Students will:

  1. Choose a pet.
  2. Know where to get a pet.
  3. Learn about shots and other routine healthcare for pets.
  4. Know how to make decisions about spaying and neutering a pet.
  5. Learn about flees, ticks, and worms in pets.
  6. Learn how to make decisions about a veterinarian.

Materials Used:

  • Student access to internet
  • Workbook- Life Skills: Pets
  • Computer and Projector for Videos

This lesson is designed to take 6 days, but it can be lengthened or shortened according to the specific needs of your class.


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