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Students will use this workbook as they follow the course material and learn about the different types of automobiles available to the average person. Then they will learn about the common fluids in vehicles motors, what they do, and how to maintain them. They will learn about tire sizes, treads, and how to properly maintain tires including pressure and rotation, and students will learn about items in the vehicle that commonly wear out and need to be replaced. Finally, students will learn the basic operation of internal combustion engines.

Students will

  1. Know the four main body types of vehicles.
  2. Know how to check oil levels and where to find the appropriate type of oil for a vehicle.
  3. Know how a radiator keeps an engine from overheating.
  4. Know how to check radiator fluid levels and where to find the appropriate type of radiator fluid for a vehicle.
  5. Know how brake fluid allows brakes to operate.
  6. Know how to check brake fluid levels.
  7. Know what window washer fluid is used for and where to add it to a vehicle.
  8. Know how to identify the size of a tire and what the size code means.
  9. Know how to identify the correct air pressure for a vehicles tire, how to check the tire’s current pressure, and how to add or remove air from the tire.
  10. Know how to correctly change a flat tire.
  11. Know the appropriate rotation order for tires on a vehicle.
  12. Know what systems are connected to belts and how to check that the belt is in good operating condition.
  13. Know when wiper blades should be replaced and how to replace them.
  14. Know how to identify and replace a blown fuse.
  15. Know the parts of an internal combustion engine and how a four stroke engine works.

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