Life Event Planning Course


This course focuses on helping you learn to make plans for events in your life. Learn how to plan vacations and parties, plan on moving, research family history, and even learn about wills, trusts, and end of life planning.

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This course focuses on helping you learn to make plans for events in your life. Courses include easy to follow lessons, videos, and printable worksheets, assignments, and projects. Each course is focused on teaching skills that will prepare you for real life.

  • Each course has between 5 and 10 lessons each lasting about 5 minutes.
  • The entire course should be able to be completed in 5-10 hours, based on how much effort is put into the projects.


  • Moving Yourself
  • Moving Companies
  • Before the Yard Sale
  • Day of the Yard Sale
  • Stopping & Starting Utilities

Preparing for Death

  • What is Death?
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Final Arrangements
  • Organ and Tissue Donations

Family History

  • What is an Ancestor?
  • Four Generation Family Trees
  • Genes: “Inheriting Daddy’s Nose”
  • Family History and Genetics
  • F.H. & Genetics: Interesting Factors
  • Starting your Own Family History


  • Types of Vacations
  • Packing
  • Flights
  • Domestic Trips
  • International Trips
  • Vacation Planners

Planning Parties

  • Types of Parties
  • U.S. Holiday Parties
  • Countries Religious Holidays
  • Party Venues
  • Event and Party Planners

Process of Planning a Party

  • Theme
  • Venue/Location
  • Invitation
  • Entertainment
  • Calculating the Cost of a Party

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