Jobs-Careers-Entrepreneurship Course


This course will help you accomplish your goals by teaching you how to manage your time. Then you will learn to be successful by planning life after High School, getting a job, starting a career, or starting a business.



This course focuses on helping you prepare for getting a job, starting a career, and starting a business. Courses include easy to follow lessons, videos, and printable worksheets, assignments, and projects. Each course is focused on teaching skills that will prepare you for real life.

  • Each course has between 5 and 10 lessons each lasting about 5 minutes.
  • The entire course should be able to be completed in 5-10 hours, based on how much effort is put into the projects.

Managing Your Time

  • Looking Forward
  • Setting Goals For success
  • Establishing Priorities
  • Creating a Schedule
  • Importance of Daily Journals
  • Putting it All Together

Getting a Job

  • Personality Survey
  • Know Yourself
  • Letter of Interest
  • Resume
  • Job Application
  • Interview Questions
  • Dressing for an Interview
  • After the Interview

Life After High School

  • Understanding Options
  • Key Terms to Know

College Path

  • Accreditation
  • College degrees
  • Comparing Colleges
  • Financial Aid
  • Standardized Tests

Armed Services Path

  • Armed Services
  • ROTC
  • Armed Services Career Paths

Starting a Career or Trade

  • Careers out of High School
  • Vocational School

Starting a Business

  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structures
  • Operating Permits
  • Product Pricing
  • Web-page Design
  • Advertising
  • Writing a Business Plan
  • Selling Online

The Internet

  • Binary Numbers
  • Binary to Words
  • Memory Storage and Speed
  • Domain Names
  • Types of Internet Providers
  • Internet Usage Laws
  • Malware
Curriculum That Matters