Income Workbook and Course


This online course and workbook will help you learn about the many different ways your pay is calculated. The workbook contains notes pages and assignments in an easy to follow format.

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Students will use this workbook as they follow the course material and learn about the many different ways a paycheck is calculated.

Students will

  1. Understand how their paycheck is calculated including Hourly, Salary, Tips, and Commission.
  2. Understand what withholding’s are taken out of their paychecks and what amounts those withholding’s should be.
  3. Understand what a Paycheck Stub tell them about their income and deductions.
  4. Understand how to complete a W-4 and a Direct Deposit form.

Use of any files must comply with the one time use license to download, print, and use this workbook for the course you have enrolled in.

These workbooks are designed to be kept as a learning resource and as a reference in the future.

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