Construction Technologies 2



Construction Technology 2

In this hands-on focused construction course, students will prepare for a career in the skilled trades. Through actual planning and building, this class will help you finish the small structure started in Construction Technology 1. Topics covered includes job site safety, drafting, construction codes and fundamentals.

Course Standards:

  • Common Core State Standards for Literacy in All Subjects
  • Common Core State Standards for Mathematics — Standards for Mathematical Practice

Course Assessment(s):

  • Safety Tests (100% accuracy)
  • Summative assessments
  • Project assessments
  • Employability skills
  • Formative assessments

Course Outline (including Unit(s) of Time and Objectives):

Unit 1 Safety! Tool, Personal & Machine Operations (4 hours)

  • I will know general safety rules, know specific machine safety & operations, know specific construction safety & tool safety

Unit 2 Measurement (2 hours)

  • I will reinforce my advanced measurement skills

Unit 3 Preparing to build: Drawings (3 hours)

  • I will learn to read advanced set of house plans, calculate a materials list

Unit 4 Insulation (4 hours)

  • I will learn about and how to install insulation and understand types of insulation

Unit 5 Electrical (5 hours)

  • I will learn about and how to wire plugs, and lights including 3-way switches and GFCI circuits.

Unit 6 Paint (6 hours)

  • I will learn about and how to paint and install wall coverings.

Unit 7 Flooring (8 hours)

  • I will learn about and how to install

Unit 8 Assessing the finished structure (4 hours)

  • I will reflect on the construction process, choices made, and the end result

Unit 9 Careers in Construction (4 hours)

  • I will research and report on the current job market, salaries, and possible routes of education and methods of advancement
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