Construction Technologies 1


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Construction Technology 1

In this hands-on focused light construction course, students will prepare for a career in the skilled trades. Through actual planning and building, this class will help you design and construct a small structure. Topics covered include: job site safety, drafting, construction codes and fundamentals.

Course Standards:

  • Common Core State Standards for Literacy in All Subjects
  • Common Core State Standards for Mathematics — Standards for Mathematical Practice

Course Assessment(s):

  • Safety Tests (100% accuracy)
  • Summative assessments
  • Project assessments
  • Employability skills
  • Formative assessments

Course Outline (including Unit(s) of Time and Objectives):

Unit 1 Safety! Tool, Personal, & Machine Operations (5 hours)

  • I will know general safety rules, know specific machine safety & operations, know specific construction safety & tool safety

Unit 2 Measurement (2 hours)

  • I will reinforce my basic measurement skills

Unit 3 Preparing to Build: Drawings (5 hours)

  • I will learn to read a basic set of house plans, calculate a materials list

Unit 4 Foundations (6 hours)

  • I will understand concrete as a foundational material

Unit 5 Wood Frame Carpentry (8 hours)

  • I will learn material properties, fastening techniques, structural elements and assembly

Unit 6 Exterior Elements (8 hours)

  • I will learn about and how to install windows, doors, siding and roof coverings

Unit 7 Careers in Construction (6 hours)

  • I will research and report on the current job market, salaries, and possible routes of education and methods of advancement
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