Complete Business Finance Curriculum


How many employees do I need? What are my profits? How do I do my taxes? The Business Finance course will take the student through these basic questions that each small business owner needs to answer

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Students learn about math by applying the principles being taught in scenarios where they are business owners. They will will answer the questions: How many employees do I need?  What are my profits?  How do I do my taxes?  Students learn the answers to these basic questions that each small business owner needs to know as they create businesses and sell products to the other students.

You will receive

Up to 1 year access to all of the course material need to complete the course. Material includes:

  • Pacing Guides (PDF and web based)
  • Lesson Presentations (PowerPoint format)
  • Narrated slides presentations (Videos)
  • Printable worksheets, quizzes, tests, projects, forms, (PDF files)
  • Online assessments (fully automated and graded)

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There is more material than can generally be completed in one year. The instructor should decide which material and which formats will be used to complete the course. You may opt to focus on only the online material, or focus on the projects, and other material is extra. The topics do not build on each other so they can be taught in any order or independently. The only exception would be the first two courses where the instructor is establishing the course and grading procedures.

Week 1: Choose a Company

  • This course will focus on introducing the course material and getting started. You will teach students how to take personality surveys and fill out job applications.

Week 2-3: Create and Sell Product

  • This course teaches students how to calculate and estimate weekly payments for specific products their companies are selling. These products are sold to other students and will be billed for and paid weekly by the students.

Week 4: Advertise

  • This course teaches students how to calculate area, balance spatial design, and consider the effects of color on their design. Students will calculate the material and costs of a billboard by calculating areas of different parts of their billboard.

Week 5-6: Where is Tax Money Spent

  • Students will learn the importance the government places on taxes, learn about very large numbers, and will learn where tax money is spent.

Week 7: Federal Taxes

  • Students will learn about reading very large numbers. They will understand progressive and flat taxes and will calculate taxes from the tax brackets.

Week 8: Tax Returns

  • Students will complete a simple personal tax return form for Federal Taxes using form 1040EZ.

Week 9: Calculating Staffing Requirements

  • This course teaches how to calculate costs and staffing requirements in a company.

Week 10: Calculating Selling Price

  • This course expands the concepts of unit sales and percents by teaching students how to create a pricing model for a popcorn company.

Week 11: Product Design and Sales

  • This course expands the concepts of unit sales and percents by teaching students how to design and sell a Marshmallow Shooter or other small toy you can easily manufacture.

Week 12-13: Travel Agent – Design a Trip

  • This course teaches students how to plan for a road trip. they will calculate travel costs, hotel costs, and time zones.

Week 14: Restaurant Owner – Menu Design

  • Students will use fractions, unit conversion, markup, and unit sales as they create a menu and associated recipes for a restaurant. They will calculate cost of cooking, sales prices, and basic costs of running a Restaurant.

Week 15: Shipping

  • This course will teach students the basics of calculating shipping costs.

Week 16: Experimental Probability

  • This course teaches students about probability, both calculated and experimental.

Week 17-18: Projecting Profits

  • This course teaches how to graph company profits, and create equations for projecting profits based on future sales.

Week 19-20: Business Finance Final Review

  • During this course , you will review some of the most fundamental topics that are needed to survive in life. These items will be on the final exam.

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