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Curriculum That Matters offers several different subjects, and all have a similar goal: we want students to learn what they need to know to be successful in the real world.

Our online courses are designed to be taken by individual students or in a instructor directed classroom. Each subject is designed to fit a standard school year, up to a 20 week semester, and are easily adjusted to your needs. Only interested in one or two courses? Chose individual courses, each lasting 1-2 weeks, and cover the topics that matter to you right now.


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Calculating Wages and Income Life Skills Sample Course


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Personal Finance

Consumer Math 1

Learn math and personal finance skills as you get and keep a job, pay bills, and manage money while you stay out of debt. An excellent consumer math class to give you the skills you need for independent living.

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Business Finance

Consumer Math 2

Students learn the basic math of creating a business as they design companies, calculate profits, and develop plans to sell and ship their product.

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Living on Your Own

Life Skills 1

Prepares students for basic skills they need to live life independently.

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Living in Your Community

Life Skills 2

What it's like to be part of and contribute to community life.

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Consumer & Family Studies


Learn life management and employable skills through instruction and leadership development activities.

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Family and Consumer Sciences Related Occupations


Learn about and prepare for careers that are found in some of the fastest growing industries.

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