Tired of answering the question “When will I ever need this in real life?” Let us help. Our staff of educators, curriculum specialists, and master teachers have developed courses that focus on teaching the skills students need to be successful living on their own. Our classroom courses come with all the material you will need to teach the class as part of each subscription:

Pacing guides – Presentations – Videos – Worksheets – Projects – Quizzes – Tests

Teaching has never been easier! Each class is designed around a standard semester; enough material to last 40 weeks, but flexible enough to be modified for your needs. Courses can be taught in sequence or individually.

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Life Skills

Prepare for Independent Living

Full Curriculum

Our Life Skills Classroom Course will satisfy at least 1 year of general elective credit by helping you prepare your students for real lilfe.

Supplemental Material

With 30 independent skills based topics lasting 2-3 weeks each, our Life Skills Curriculum works as a stand alone course and as a tremendous resource to supplement many different courses and topics. Each Life Skills lesson has real world examples and projects that have application today.

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Living on your Own In your Community

Consumer Math

Teach Personal and Business Finance

Full Curriculum

Our Consumer Math Classroom Course will satisfy 1 year of general math credit by helping you teach how math is applied in the real world.

Supplemental Material

Do you need to supplement your current class with real life examples? Each Consumer Math lesson has real world examples and projects that can be used to supplement any math course your are teaching.

Designed for students with a knowledge of basic math concepts, Consumer Math is the answer to the question “When will I use this in real life?

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Review the content of each course below:

Personal Finance Business Finance

CTM also offers an array of ONLINE COURSES.

Each course is designed to work in the classroom or as an independent study, home-school, or distant learning course. Each course may contain access the following PDF files:

PowerPoint Presentations – Guided Notes – Assignments – Real World Projects – Quizzes and Tests


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