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Where is Tax Money Spent

Students will learn the importance the government places on taxes, learn about very large numbers, and will learn where tax money is spent.

Students will:

  1. Learn how to say large numbers.
  2. Learn where tax money is spent.
  3. Be able to calculate and show taxes as a percentage.
  4. Modify these percentages based on personal preference.

Ideas for Teaching

  • Encourage students to discuss what areas of expenditures are important to them.
  • Instead of looking at the entire budget, let them focus on specific areas, such as defense, welfare, or education.
  • When they are setting up their own budget remind them that money can’t only go to what we want, this is a big country with many different people.
  • Discuss what parts of the federal budget should be a state expense, and what other expenses should be added.
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