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The Stock Market

Students will learn about stocks and their role in the Stock Market. They will learn how to calculate the changing value of stock as demand rises and falls.

Students will:

  1. Know what the stock market is.
  2. Describe what stocks are.
  3. Know why stock prices change.
  4. Know how to research and compare company stock prices.
  5. Know what mutual funds are.
  6. Perform buy and sell scenarios based on company reports.

Math Skills Being Utilized

  • Critical Thinking
  • Comparing Numbers
  • Basic Math Facts

Ideas for Teaching

  • Show students actual market data.
  • Pick a stock at the start of class and record it’s price. Track that stock through the day and through the week.
  • Discuss the risk and rewards of the stock market, and talk about playing the market, or gambling, versus investing in the market.
  • Give students a bonus if they present their projects in class.


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