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The Courts

At some point in your life you will likely need to go to court. It may be for a ticket or crime that you have committed, or perhaps you are being summoned to participate on a Jury. Any of these experiences can cause some fear and consternation. This course is designed to help you understand a little more about what goes on in a court, the crimes you can be charged with, and how to properly present yourself.

Students will:

  1. Learn about tickets.
  2. Understand different classifications of crimes.
  3. How to behave if they are stopped by a police officer.
  4. Know what it means to be sued and how to sue.
  5. Be able to select an appropriate attorney.
  6. Design a proper outfit to wear to court.
  7. Know their civic responsibilities as a member of the jury.

Materials Used:

  • Student Access to Internet
  • Workbook- Life Skills: The Courts
  • Computer and Projector for Videos


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