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Restaurant Owner – Menu Design

Students will use fractions, unit conversion, markup, and unit sales as they create a menu and associated recipes for a restaurant. They will calculate cost of cooking, sales prices, and basic costs of running a restaurant.

Students will:

  1. Research and produce recipes for various foods.
  2. Increase the ingredients proportionally to match the required servings.
  3. Design a menu and price per serving based on a percent markup.
  4. Estimate profits of the restaurant.

Math Skills Being Utilized

  • Multiply Fractions
  • Unit Price Calculations
  • Converting Units
  • Using Percentages
  • Sales and Markup

Ideas For Teaching

  • Have students bring in sample menus from restaurants.
  • Compare prices from different places that serve the same foods.
  • Compare the costs of the ingredients from different stores.
  • Compare two different recipes for the same food. Try to determine if the difference is proportional, or is an actual change in quantities.
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