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Personal Finance Final Exam Preparation

Scoring the Final

I love scoring the final. I have never believed we are “Testers” but rather we are “Teachers.” Students must have a perfect score on the final, as all questions lead to the next one. Students can use any resource they have available to them (including the teacher) to solve the final, just like real life.

Hints for Teachers

  • I usually don’t tell them this until after the moment of extreme panic hits. I give them 3 hours to finish the final, usually over 3 days.
  • They can either score a 0 or a 1 on the final. The equation for final grade is as follows:
  • Final Grade = (Semester Money) * (Final Grade)
  • So a 0 on the final is a failing grade.

The final is difficult. I have never passed it on the first try. But as students fear for their grade and struggle together, they will learn lessons while taking the final that they never learned in the class. In the end, every student passes the final. That is the goal.

Personal Finance Course Review

During this lesson you will review all of the items that are on the final.

Students will

  • Prepare for the final exam.

Consider the following

As you watch the presentations, consider how you would answer the following questions:

  • If you make mistakes on your final, what is going to happen when you must do these same calculations in real life?

Lesson Presentation

Watch the video.

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