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Meal Planning

This lesson will introduce and teach how to save money by planning how you plan for meals and buy food.

Students will

  1. Understand the basics of a healthy diet
  2. Plan menu’s and estimate food costs
  3. Calculate unit costs
  4. Explain and demonstrate usage of advertisements and coupons
  5. Setup a food menu that will be healthy while maintaining lower food costs

Math skills being utilized

  • Calculating Unit Price
  • Fractions, percents, ratios
  • Critical Thinking
  • Budgeting

Ideas for teaching

  • Encourage Students to discuss meal plans and to go shopping with their parents
  • Invite a nutrition expert to talk to your class
  • Gather ads from local grocery stores and let the students compare price
  • Have students work in groups of 2 or 3 for higher quality projects
  • Pay students a bonus if they are willing to present their menu in class


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