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Life After High School

Most of the decisions we make about our future career and income potential are made during and right after we finish High School. This time of our life can be so important to our future, and yet many are unaware of the choices that are available to them.

This online course will help you learn about these choices. You will learn about the difference between the various degree’s, certificates and training programs available to you as you explore the different career options available to you, including college, career, and the armed services.

Students will:


  1. Understand accreditation.
  2. Understand college degrees.
  3. Know how to compare colleges and universities.
  4. Understand financial aid.
  5. Learn about standardized tests.

Armed Services

  1. Learn the differences between the military branches.
  2. Learn about ROTC.
  3. Learn about the different career paths in the Armed Serves.

Vocational Training

  1. Learn about careers available to High School Graduates.
  2. Learn about Vocational Schools.

Work on their personal plan for Life After High School

Materials Needed:

  • Workbook- Life Skills: Life After High School
  • Computer and Projector for Videos

This course comes with a single use download for the course workbook. Use of any files must comply with the one time use license to download, print, and use this workbook for the course you have enrolled in.

You can also purchase a full color and saddle stitched workbook with the course included. These workbooks are designed to be kept as a learning resource and as a reference in the future.



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