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Home Improvements

Students will be introduced to drawing home floor plans. Students will design a home floor plan based on certain square footage requirements and will calculate the cost and material requirements for various home remodeling projects. Calculations will include interior and exterior of homes.

Students will:

  1. Create drawings of home floor plans.
  2. Calculate areas, perimeters, surface areas, and volumes.
  3. Calculate costs of carpet, baseboard and paint from measurements derived from the home designs.
  4. Create landscape design or a home.
  5. Calculate square footage and perimeters of yards.
  6. Calculate material costs of various landscape projects.

Math Skills Being Utilized

  • Perimeter
  • Area
  • Volume

Ideas for Teaching

  • Show students different home plans.
  • Plan a field trip to some open houses.
  • Have students visit local hardware stores and price other items they may want to put in their homes.


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