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Government & Your Civic Responsibility

This course will help you learn about some of the different forms of economic structures and governments in the world. You will then learn about the United States government and your civic responsibilities as a citizen of the United States.

Students will:

  1. Learn about the different types of governments.
  2. Understand economic structures.
  3. Learn about the branches of the United States Government and their responsibilities:
    1. Legislative
    2. Executive
    3. Judicial
  4. Understand the different types of state governments.
  5. Learn about local government organizations.
  6. Learn how to register a vehicle.
  7. Learn to register for selective Services.
  8. Learn about various political parties.
  9. Learn about elections.
  10. Learn how to vote.

Materials Used:

  • Student Access to Internet
  • Workbook- Life Skills: Government and Your Civic Responsibility
  • Computer and Projector for Videos
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