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Getting a Job (in class)

Students will learn how to get a job, and how to fill out their time cards.  They will also review adding and subtracting decimals.

Students will

  1. Know the course requirements
  2. Be prepared to get a job
  3. Be able to fill out a time card
  4. Complete a job application
  5. Practice interviewing strategies
  6. Schedule, dress for, and successfully complete a job interview
  7. Review adding and subtracting decimals

Math skills being utilized

  • Critical thinking
  • Comparing numbers
  • Adding and subtracting decimals

Ideas for teaching

  • Show students your own resume
  • Remind them that work experience can include volunteer work and even babysitting
  • Tell stories about jobs you have had, or invite students with jobs to share their personal experiences
  • Invite a local employer or hiring manager to talk to the class
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