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First Aid: Internal

No one goes through life without having an injury of some kind. From a simple scratch to a life threatening stroke, there are some basic steps that you should take when ever you come across someone with an injury. This lesson will teach you some of the basic things you can do to help someone who has an injury or illness that is on the inside of the body and cannot readily be seen.

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Students will:

  1. Learn the definition of First Aid and some basic rights.
  2. Learn the process for performing CPR.
  3. Recognize and know basic first aid for the treatment of:
    1. Shock
    2. Hypothermia
    3. Dehydration
    4. Heat Stroke
  4. Practice emergency carry methods.
  5. Recognize and treat for seizures and syncope.
  6. Build a personal First Aid Kit.
  7. Learn about First Aid and CPR Certifications.

Materials Used:

  • Student Access to Internet
  • Workbook- Life Skills: First Aid Internal Injuries
  • Computer and Projector for Videos
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