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Home Economics is the ideal place for students to learn how to get jobs in specific fields, pay bills, save and invest money, and manage their homes. At the end of the course, they buy their grades with the money they have earned.

Consumer and Family Studies (CFS)

Consumer and Family Studies programs provide students with life management, transferable, and employability skills through instruction and leadership development activities.  This program focuses on preparing students to balance personal, family, and work responsibilities. Students are equipped with essential skills for living through instruction in these eight content areas:

Unit 1: Consumer Education
Unit 2: Food and Nutrition
Unit 3: Fashion, Textiles and Apparel
Unit 4: Housing and Furnishings
Unit 5: Child Development and Guidance
Unit 6: Family and Human Development
Unit 7: Individual and Family Health
Unit 8: Leadership Development
Unit 9: Final

Home Economics Related Occupations (HERO)

Home Economics Related Occupations or HERO programs are designed to prepared students for careers. We focus on different types of careers, and have projects that are related to those careers.

Unit 1: Child Development
Unit 2: Consumer Services
Unit 3: Education
Unit 4: Family and Human Services
Unit 5: Fashion Design Manufacturing and Merchandising
Unit 6: Food Science, Dietetics, and Nutrition
Unit 7: Food Service and Hospitality
Unit 8: Hospitality, Tourism, Recreation
Unit 9: Interior Design, Furnishings and Maintenance

Access the Online Bank

Manage student balances, create paychecks, and generate bills.

  • Check out the Software Tutorial for help in changing bills and keeping track of your account balance.

There is nothing to install; the software is web based and works with nearly all web enabled devices including pads, notebooks, or phones. Designed with the teacher in mind. It provides an easy way to generate paychecks, bills, and keep track of how much money the student has. Although designed to work hand in had with the curriculum, many teachers and home schools have used this software with a variety of subjects.

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