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Dating and Marriage

In recent years, the definition of relationship and marriage has caused a lot of controversy. The intention of this course is not to pass judgment on an individuals choices in relationships. It is only intended as a springboard for discussion. It is important when reviewing the course material to understand that no effort is made to discuss right or wrong. It is not our intention to condone or condemn choices people may have. We wish to inform.

Before you begin this course, we ask that you follow the following rules:

  • We are not here to say if it is right or wrong. We are trying to understand.
  • Take time to discuss and talk about various beliefs. It is important to understand other’s beliefs, even if you don’t share their belief.
  • It perfectly OK and appropriate to have opinions and beliefs for what is right and wrong. You are entitled to it. But when participating in a group discussion, we never criticize anyone. We only seek to understand.
  • Don’t condemn others because they believe differently than you.
  • Don’t try to force anyone to believe what you do. You can’t force belief. You can only persuade.

This Building Strong Relationships course is a great way to begin the discussion about relationships and marriage. We discuss some of the history and controversy surrounding marriages today. You will also learn about relationships and how to keep them strong.

Students will:

  1. Understand how to define marriage and the history of marriage.
  2. Discuss controversial marriages and have a better understanding of different types of marriages.
  3. Learn about dating and some steps that can lead from friendship to marriage.
  4. Understand some factors in a relationship that lead to divorce.

Materials Used:

  • Workbook- Life Skills: Building Strong Relationships
  • Computer and Projector for Videos


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