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Create and Sell Product

This lesson teaches students how to calculate and estimate weekly payments for specific products their companies are selling. These products are sold to other students and will be billed for and paid weekly by the students. Students will be researching and developing new products to sell, calculating payments, and preparing to receive payment of these bills on a weekly basis throughout the remainder of the course.

Students Will:

  1. Research and develop products for their company to sell to other students.
  2. Calculate bill payments associated with the products they have developed.
  3. Purchase all the required products.
  4. Begin paying bills and earning income.

Ideas For Teaching:

  • Insurance Companies are responsible to pay any injury or accident bills that their customers fail to pay. You should print out a list of all new accidents and illnesses each week and give a copy to each insurance business. If customers do not pay their bills, the company can cancel their insurance.
  • Invite actual companies or sales people to come in and share their products. Have them explain how they develop, advertise and retain customers.
  • Portfolios can be as simple or as detailed as you want: Product descriptions can include pictures. Students can make flyers to hand out.
  • Have your bank employees track these bills to make sure they get paid.
  • In smaller classrooms, there may not be enough students to staff all of the businesses. It is most important that each business has a competitor. They can always look up their own bills if there are not enough companies.
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