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The Clothing lessons will teach you brief history of clothing as well as the different types of fabric available for clothing today. You will learn how to wash, iron, and fold clothes, as well as how to remove some common stains. You will then learn how to take measurements of yourself. This helps you find the sizes of clothes will fit you best.
Finally we will show you how to do some basic repairs such as threading a needle, sewing a button, stitching, and hemming.

Students will

  1. Learn the origins of clothing.
  2. Learn about different types of fabric and how to care for them.
  3. Wash clothing
  4. Thread a needle.
  5. Sew on a button.
  6. Make a stitch.


  • Workbook- Life Skills: Clothing
  • Access to the internet
  • Computer and Projector for Videos
  • Internet for student research

This course comes with a single use download for the course workbook. Use of any files must comply with the one time use license to download, print, and use this workbook for the course you have enrolled in.

You can also purchase a full color saddle stitched workbook with the course included. These workbooks are designed to be kept as a learning resource and as a reference in the future.

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