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Choosing a Company

This lesson will focus on introducing the course material and getting started. You will teach students how to take personality surveys and fill out job applications. They will determine which companies they want to work for and will begin developing products to sell. The Basic Math Skills Test is a good way to evaluate your students math abilities and can help you in determining the placement of students into companies.

Students will:

  1. Understand the course requirements.
  2. Understand how to earn their wages.
  3. Correctly complete a Personality Survey.
  4. Correctly complete a Job Application.
  5. Be hired by a company in the class.

Ideas for Teaching:

  • Have the students look into other tests or online helps:
  • Select the Company Managers based on past performance; find the students who perform well academically and who work well with others. If they took the first semester of Consumer Math you should consider their performance and understanding of the course’s methods. You might also consider the results of their Personality Survey.
  • You can do the interviews and assign jobs, or you can only interview those who wish to be managers and then let the managers do the rest of the interviews and hiring.
  • Don’t be afraid to fire or reprimand managers who are not performing well. The goal is to train them. It is better that they are fired from a pretend job and learn from their experience in the classroom than having to learn in a real life situation.
  • Show students your own resume and talk to them about your experiences in applying for jobs.
  • Invite a local manager to talk with the students about what they are looking for in an employee. They should discuss the different qualities desired in potential management candidates.
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