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This lesson is focused on writing checks and teaching students how to keep track of money with a check register. Even if check writing is now very limited, it is important to know how to. More important is the ability to keep track of you money using the check register. Even DEBIT card expenses should be recorded.

Students will:

  1. Describe parts of a personal check.
  2. Describe the parts of a payroll check.
  3. Describe parts of a check register.
  4. Write a personal check correctly.
  5. Maintain an accurate balance on a check register.

Math Skills Being Utilized

  • Multiple digits and decimal, addition and subtraction.
  • Converting numbers to English.
  • Solve problems with many steps.

Ideas for Teaching

  • Show students an example of a real checkbook and register.
  • Show students how to order new checks, and note all of the different variations available.
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