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Wages and Income

There are many different ways to earn money. During this course you will learn to calculate your gross pay based on wages, salary, tips, and commission. You will learn how to convert time to decimals and to use those numbers to calculate your paycheck. You will learn how to calculate your before taxes paycheck.

You will also have an opportunity to explore what the value of education is for your lifelong earning potential. You will research some potential career path’s you may be interested in pursuing, and will find out what it takes to get a raise in your job.

Students will:

  1. Calculate wages from straight time, overtime, double-time.
  2. Calculate tips and equivalent hourly wages.
  3. Estimate annual salary from hourly wages.
  4. Calculate commission.
  5. Calculate income using piecework.

Math Skills Being Utilized

  • Unit Conversion
  • Multiplication
  • Telling Time
  • Using Time in Calculations
  • Converting Time to Decimal

Ideas for Teaching

  • Invite a recruiter from a local college to discuss with the students the value of higher education.
  • Invite councilor to discuss with students what students can do now to prepare for college.
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