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Students will learn about some basic bills like buying a home, rentals, utility bills, and buying a vehicle. You will also learn about calculating your grocery costs.

Students will

  1. Know the vocabulary of buying a home.
  2. Know the components of a mortgage loan.
  3. Know the stages to getting a home loan.
  4. Decide which type of home rental is best for them.
  5. Know the terminology related to renting a home.
  6. Read a utility bill and a utility meter.
  7. Learn about the choices they have for utility companies in their area.
  8. Learn the vocabulary of buying a car.
  9. Know the steps to negotiating the purchase of a car.
  10. Calculate grocery costs.


  • Workbook- Life Skills: Bills
  • Computer and Projector for Videos
  • Car advertisments
  • Grocery store advertisements
  • Internet access for students

This course comes with a single use download for the course workbook. Use of any files must comply with the one time use license to download, print, and use this workbook for the course you have enrolled in.

You can also purchase a full color and saddle stitched workbook with the course included. These workbooks are designed to be kept as a learning resource and as a reference in the future.

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