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This lesson teaches students how to calculate area, balance spatial design, and consider the effects of color on their design. Students will calculate the material and costs of a billboard by calculating areas of different parts of their billboard.

Students will:

  1. Design a billboard advertisement.
  2. Calculate areas of components of the billboard.
  3. Find total costs of the billboard.
  4. Begin to sell product to other students.

Ideas for Teaching

  • Show actual billboards. These can be found online. Discuss what makes the billboards good or bad. Point out lettering size, colors, slogans, and images that make the sign successful, or which cause it to fail.
  • Invite a representative from a local sign shop to talk about how they use math in their job.
  • Consider Extra Credit for companies who make a second or third billboard.
  • Have a contest. Let students from other classes vote on their favorite billboards.
  • Have students create Video Commercial, a Radio Advertisement, or any other things that would enhance the experience.
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