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  • Students prepare for real life by learning basic life skills
  • Easy to follow workbooks guide student learning
  • Lessons are both PowerPoint and narrated video formats
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  • Downloadable student workbook for each course
  • Questions for discussion
  • Concrete objectives for each lesson

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Living on Your Own

Life Skills 1

20 Weeks (1 Semester)

Designed to last 1 semester and be taught as the first semester of the Life Skills Class, this online course covers all of the topics in Living On Your Own.
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Managing Your Time

Week 1 | Unit 1

This online course will help you learn how to manage your time. Set goals, establish priorities, and have a schedule for success.
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Getting a Job

Week 2 | Unit 2

This online course will help you learn about your personality type, evaluate your skills, and the prepare resume's and job applications that will get you the interview.
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Week 3 | Unit 3

This online course will help you learn about the many different ways your pay is calculated.
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Week 4 | Unit 4

This online course will help you learn about getting and paying your bills for your housing, utilities, and cars.
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Week 5 | Unit 5

This online course will help you learn how to estimate your income. Then set up a budget that pay's bills, debt, and leaves money for savings.
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Banking and Savings

Week 6 | Unit 6

This online course will help you learn to compare Banks and credit unions. You will understand types of accounts and everything you need to start your own banking and savings account.
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Life After High School

Week 7 | Unit 7

Learn about the difference between the degree's and certificates, and explore the options after high school including college, career, and military.
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Investing and Retirement

Week 8 | Unit 8

This online course will help you learn about some of the different options available for investing you money. Topics include banks, stocks, bonds, options, and many others.
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Starting a Business

Week 9 | Unit 9

This online course will help you learn about DBA's, LLCs, Corporations, and then take steps to start your own business.
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Week 10 | Unit 10

Learn about different types of materials. Then learn how to pick cloths that fit and how to wash and care for them.
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Planning Meals

Week 11 | Unit 11

This online course will help you learn about the basics of nutritious food, and help you track and plan your meals for healthy eating.
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Food Storage

Week 12 | Unit 12

Learn about buying in bulk and how to freeze, can, or dehydrate food. Then have your own home garden.
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Week 13 | Unit 13

Learn the basic maintenance of a vehicle including tires, fluids, and wear items.
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Home Maintenance

Week 14 | Unit 14

Learn to clean and care for your home.
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Week 15 | Unit 15

Students will learn about different moving options. They will learn how to "de-clutter" before the move, how to pack and track their belongings. They will learn about yard sales, donations, forwarding mail, and starting and stopping utilities.
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