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Living In Your Community

Life Skills 2

20 weeks (1 Semester)

Designed to last 1 semester and be taught as the first semester of the Life Skills Class, this online course covers all of the topics in Living In Your Community.
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The Internet

Unit 1

Today, the internet has become so much a part of our society that we take it for granted that it is there. This course will give you a basic understanding of computers, the internet, and how to avoid malware.
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First Aid: Internal

Unit 2

No one goes through life without having an injury of some kind. This will teach you some of the basic things you can do to help someone who has an injury or illness that is on the inside of the body and cannot readily be seen.
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First Aid: External

Unit 3

Many movies like to show blood and broken bones as part of the excitement and entertainment, but real life injuries seldom look like or behave like those you see in movies. Your quick thinking and actions may help save someones life.
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Medical Care

Unit 4

Medical care throughout the centuries has changed as our understanding of the reasons for illness has changed. This course will help you learn about some medical care that is available to you.
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Emergency Preparedness

Unit 5

Emergencies and unexpected things happen to everyone. This course will help you know how to prepare yourself for emergencies so you are safe.
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Unit 6

Insurance is an important tool for you to be financially independent, but it is often misunderstood. During this course you will learn about some different types of insurance you can purchase and how it works.
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Government & Your Civic Responsibility

Unit 7

This course will help you learn about some of the different forms of economic structures and governments in the world. You will then learn about the United States government and your civic responsibilities as a citizen of the United States.
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The Courts

Unit 8

Understand a little more about what goes on in a court, the crimes you can be charged with, and how to properly present yourself in such situations.
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Understanding Religion

Unit 9

This course is designed to help you understand the purpose of religion in a person's life and to understand some of the more common religious beliefs and how they answer the questions about the purpose and morality of life.
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Building Strong Relationships

Unit 10

A great way to begin the discussion about relationships and marriage. Learn about some of the history and controversy surrounding marriages today.
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Preparing for Death

Unit 11

Death is a natural process that will eventually happen to everyone. Understanding what death is and making preparations financially and otherwise can help your family through this difficult part of life.
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Family History

Unit 12

Knowing where you come from and who is apart of your family tree can be deeply personal and of great value. Understand more about who you are and the importance of family history and genealogy.
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Unit 13

Owning a pet is a large responsibility and a lot of planning needs to take place before you buy one. 
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Unit 14

A properly planned vacation can very enjoyable while if not properly planned, you may miss out on some great experiences.
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Planning Parties

Unit 15

Birthdays, weddings, holidays, dinner, graduation, baptism and many more events can be transformed into a party. This lesson will teach you the details behind a party and how to be prepared if you ever throw one.
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Living In Your Community Final

Week 16 | Unit 16

Coming Soon! Course scheduled for release Dec 2017! Take the final and see if you know how to live in your community.
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