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Students prepare for real life by learning basic life skills!

  • Students gain confidence about life
  • Teachers can focus on teaching what matters
  • Lessons are both PowerPoint and narrated video formats
  • Easy to follow workbooks guide student learning
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Comprehensive lessons and projects satisfy all levels of Blooms taxonomy.

  • Downloadable student workbook for each course
  • Questions for discussion
  • Concrete objectives for each lesson
  • Complete lessons and presentations
  • Comprehensive projects

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Life Event Planning Course

Life Skills Bundles

31 lessons | 28 Days

This course focuses on helping you learn to make plans for events in your life. Learn how to plan vacations and parties, plan on moving, research family history, and even learn about wills, trusts, and end of life planning.
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Preparing for Death

5 Lesson | 4 Days

Death is a natural process that will eventually happen to everyone. Understanding what death is and making preparations financially and otherwise can help your family through this difficult part of life.
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Family History

5 Lesson | 6 Days

Knowing where you come from and who is apart of your family tree can be deeply personal and of great value. Understand more about who you are and the importance of family history and genealogy.
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6 Lessons | 5 Days

A properly planned vacation can very enjoyable while if not properly planned, you may miss out on some great experiences.
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Planning Parties

10 Lesson | 6 Days

Birthdays, weddings, holidays, dinner, graduation, baptism and many more events can be transformed into a party. This lesson will teach you the details behind a party and how to be prepared if you ever throw one.
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5 Lesson | 7 Days

Students will learn about different moving options. They will learn how to "de-clutter" before the move, how to pack and track their belongings. They will learn about yard sales, donations, forwarding mail, and starting and stopping utilities.
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