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Students prepare for real life by learning basic life skills!

  • Students gain confidence about life
  • Teachers can focus on teaching what matters
  • Lessons are both PowerPoint and narrated video formats
  • Easy to follow workbooks guide student learning
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Comprehensive lessons and projects satisfy all levels of Blooms taxonomy.

  • Downloadable student workbook for each course
  • Questions for discussion
  • Concrete objectives for each lesson
  • Complete lessons and presentations
  • Comprehensive projects

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Independent Living Course

Life Skills Bundles

47 lessons | 34 Days

This course focuses on helping you prepare to live on your own. Learn hot to prepare meals, store food, and take care of your clothing, automobile, and your home.
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7 Lesson | 5 Days

Learn about different types of materials. Then learn how to pick cloths that fit and how to wash and care for them.
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Planning Meals

6 Lesson | 6 Days

This online course will help you learn about the basics of nutritious food, and help you track and plan your meals for healthy eating.
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Food Storage

14 Lesson | 13 Days

Learn about buying in bulk and how to freeze, can, or dehydrate food. Then have your own home garden.
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8 Lesson | 4 Days

Learn the basic maintenance of a vehicle including tires, fluids, and wear items.
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Home Maintenance

12 Lesson | 6 Days

Learn to clean and care for your home.
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