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Students prepare for real life by learning basic life skills!

  • Students gain confidence about life
  • Teachers can focus on teaching what matters
  • Lessons are both PowerPoint and narrated video formats
  • Easy to follow workbooks guide student learning
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Comprehensive lessons and projects satisfy all levels of Blooms taxonomy.

  • Downloadable student workbook for each course
  • Questions for discussion
  • Concrete objectives for each lesson
  • Complete lessons and presentations
  • Comprehensive projects

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Community Responsibilities Course

Life Skills Bundles

44 lessons | 40 Days

This course focuses on helping you understand your duties and responsibilities of living in your community. Learn about relationships, pets, religion, and more about different types of governments and economic structures.
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Government & Your Civic Responsibility

12 Lesson | 11 Days

This course will help you learn about some of the different forms of economic structures and governments in the world. You will then learn about the United States government and your civic responsibilities as a citizen of the United States.
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The Courts

7 Lesson | 5 Days

Understand a little more about what goes on in a court, the crimes you can be charged with, and how to properly present yourself in such situations.
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Understanding Religion

11 Lesson | 12 Days

This course is designed to help you understand the purpose of religion in a person's life and to understand some of the more common religious beliefs and how they answer the questions about the purpose and morality of life.
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Dating and Marriage

6 Lesson | 6 Days

A great way to begin the discussion about relationships and marriage. Learn about some of the history and controversy surrounding marriages today.
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8 Lesson | 6 Days

Owning a pet is a large responsibility and a lot of planning needs to take place before you buy one. 
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