This isn’t just school, this is real life.

Curriculum That Matters provides teaching material that meets educational requirements with direct application to real life.

Why we created Curriculum That Matters

Seth Hunter’s first career as an engineer and a business manager showed him that students coming out of high school weren’t prepared for accountability on the job. So, when he began teaching in 2008, he wanted to teach math in such a way that would prepare students for real life.

The class had excellent passing rates and kids began to request the class as an elective. Other teachers wanted to employ the curriculum, and Seth began to develop online access to lessons, lesson plans, projects, worksheets, and rewards.

How we make teachers and students successful

Assignments are based on things students will do in real life such as get a job, earn money, save for and buy a car or house – and more. Students buy their grades with ‘money’ they earn, and if they stay out of debt, they pass.

Lessons make it easy for teachers to introduce and teach the concepts, assign the work, and reward for results. The curriculum includes complete lessons, practice worksheets, and various forms of assessment such as quizzes, tests, and projects for each unit. When students complete the assignments, they earn a paycheck for what they produce. Just like real life.

Founded by teachers for teachers, our prices reflect our desire to make quality curriculum and software available to everyone.

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Curriculum That Matters