Because of the increasing pressure caused by the COVID-19, we at Curriculum That Matters would like to offer the following link for students who are not able to go into your class. You can enroll in this course at no cost.

Teachers will need to get the coupon code to enroll their students. Please contact us for this information.

After teachers subscribe to the course, they can enroll their students. Students will then have access to all presentations, worksheets, quizzes, tests, and projects that may be assigned. They will not have access to answer keys.

Students must make arrangements with their instructor to complete and submit finished work.

Thank you for your patience and perseverance during this unsettled time in your education.

Sincerely – Curriculum That Matters, Inc.

Consumer Math Classroom Extension

STUDENTS: “Will I need this in real life?

YOU: Absolutely, YES!

Curriculum That Matters brings real-life into the classroom when students earn ‘money’ to ‘buy’ grades. Educators across the U.S. and in multiple countries are discovering a compelling way to give students tools they need to be successful after graduation; whether online or in the classroom we have what you need.

In The Classroom Online Courses

Students ‘pay’
‘money’ for grades!

All the tools you need in one place:

Real life in the class.

For the Classroom

Nothing can replace the one on one interaction of the teachers in the classroom. Our teachers material has been created with you in mind. Featuring complete lessons with easy to follow pacing guides, assignments, quizzes, and tests, teaching a class has never been more fun.


Everywhere you go.

Online Courses

Online courses can be taken as an individual 1-2 week course or as a full semester bundle based on topic. Each course comes with lessons plans, assignments, projects, suggested grading, and pacing guides.


Follow the money.

CTM Bank

We make it easy to set up, create ‘paychecks,’ issue ‘bills,’ and keep track of ‘money’ students earn. There’s no need to install the software or print. Everything is online and compatible with most handheld devices.



Customized Professional Development

Let us know how we can help you! We offer customized curriculum development, custom books, notebooks, online resources, or specialized training. We work with districts, public, private, or home schools, and other groups to help them use our philosophy and experience. Use our resources to help you make your teachers and classes more successful.


Studenttested. Educatorapproved.

  • Your company has always been so supportive in helping teachers get what we have needed over the last 3 years here at WHS.

    If I can fill out a survey or give a good word about your amazing services, please let me know.

    Great Customer Service
  • The new training videos are great! This is only my second year using your program, so having the videos to remind me how to get things set up for my new class is really helpful! Thanks so much for always working to improve the software, and for your quick responses whenever I have a question!

    S. Hull
  • I am in week 3 of the course and can’t decide who likes it more — my students or me!

    C. Scholten
    First time user
  • First time user:

    I just received the materials the district ordered for me.
    I love how organized and easily planned out everything is for me.
    Thank you!

    L. Kozar
  • WOW!! Received your curriculum and absolutely LOVE IT!
    “I used to teach 6th grade and did this type of stuff all the time. It’s nice to have it all organized and put together! Thanks a ton!”

    W. Hill

Speaking Engagements

Seth Hunter, founder of Curriculum That Matters, has spoken across a variety of venues- school districts, staff professional development, trade-shows, and conferences. We’re invited to speak on topics that define our philosophy on education and how we as aducators and policy makers can prepare our young people for the real world by teaching what matters.
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